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Your right to a representative because you are in the bargaining unit at the Commercial Appeal

A link to the full 2010-2013 contract the Guild holds with the Commercial Appeal company.

Let's Take a Time Out

Dear Members,

With all that is going on, we need a moment to just hang out with each other.
The Levitt Shell (1928 Poplar Ave) does free concerts and we'll meet you there.
Sunday, July 31
From 730pm to 9pm
Alvin Youngblood Hart is playing. He blends Blues, Roots, Country, and Rock.
Pack your picnic basket and grab a lawn chair. We'll potluck so bring something to share. The Guild will provide beverages but you'll have to BYOB.

Earlier this month, Gannett representatives told us they intend to cut our copy editors and designers in editorial, move much of the work to Nashville, and let remaining workers apply for a smaller number of jobs in Memphis.

Gannett is instituting changes to intergrate the CA to their way of doing things, but are they all for the best.

It's been brought to our attention that some managers are challenging employees on using sick days. So we'll make it simple for everyone with a few instructions on how to call in sick.


Gannett is purchasing the Commercial Appeal.

After five years, Wayne Risher is stepping down as president of the Memphis Newspaper Guild and passing the torch on to Daniel Connolly.

The president's closing note to 2015. Wayne Risher, our president for the last five years, is stepping down from the presidency. He addresses the unit with some important thoughts.

We lose three more coworkers, friends.

Tim Stautberg, CEO of Journal Media Group, will be paid $4.56 million for less than one year of work

People have lots of questions about the Scripps pension buyout offer. To help answer them, the Memphis Newspaper Guild brought three investment advisers and a CPA to a panel discussion this Tuesday (10/6/2015).

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