We challenge Gannett on "The Hunger Games," other proposed job cuts

Earlier this month, Gannett representatives told us they intend to cut our copy editors and designers in editorial, move much of the work to Nashville, and let remaining workers apply for a smaller number of jobs in Memphis.

In other words, our people would have to compete against one another for economic survival. In other Gannett properties, employees have dubbed this type of morale-killing contest "The Hunger Games."

In response to "The Hunger Games" and related actions in editorial, we have filed a series of formal complaints known as grievances. We've also filed a formal complaint related to proposed job cuts in advertising.
Among other things, we're challenging the company's assertion that some of the people who might lose jobs would merit no severance pay at all, despite having worked here for many years.
In a unionized company, grievances are the first step in a process that can lead to arbitration, a procedure that's much like a trial in court.
All of this may take some time to play out. Our goals, as always, are straightforward: save as many jobs as possible and / or negotiate fair severance packages for our employees.
 This situation shows the importance of having a union here. Without a union, we would have no power to challenge "The Hunger Games" and other job cuts. If you haven't joined the Guild, talk with a Guild member in your area, or contact me at the email or phone number below. Now is the time to help us stay strong so we can fight for you.
 Look for more news on this situation soon. In the meantime, if you have questions, please reach out.